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Hello! My name is  Angel Marcloid.

I am an independent audio and video engineer living in Chicago, IL. I have over 30 years of experience in the world of audio and video. I was in my single digits when I begun learning from my father, an electronic technician, live sound engineer, and A/V specialist.

In the early 2010s, after spending most of my life focusing mainly on personal music composition and production, I took the plunge into accepting commissioned projects for musical and audio/video-related labor.

In 2017, I began expanding beyond solely servicing record labels and other musicians, and started helping professional, commercial, and educational organizations with their YouTube videos, podcasts, advertisements, theme music, and more.

If you have any questions, or are in need of any of the services discussed to your right (or below, if you're on mobile), please 

contact me: angelmarcloid@gmail.com



Example of audio clean-up:

Examples of recent video post-production work:

In March of 2019, we needed to find a new video post-production person as our previous volunteer was ready to retire. The very next day,  before we even had the chance to put the word out, Angel contacted us and offered to do video post-production. That, to me, indicates a deep attunement to the “field of intelligence” which is the central theme of BatGap and most spiritual traditions. 

From the outset, working with Angel has been easy and enjoyable. She understood what we wanted and accomplished it quickly. Within minutes, she solved a technical problem that had been stumping us for a couple of years, and in doing so significantly improved the audio quality of our videos. I quickly learned to trust her with editorial decisions. Angel has high quality standards and is diligent in meeting them.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Angel, and I look forward to a long and productive relationship.


-Rick Archer, Buddha At The Gas Pump

SAND 2019 Craig Holliday processed clip
SAND 2019 Craig Holliday RAW

The services I offer include:

  • Audio post-production

Precise cutting and splicing, mixing of multiple sound sources so that they are cohesive and balanced, removing unwanted artifacts (noise, clicks, pops, static, reverberation, hum, buzz, echo, rumble), equalization, stereo imaging, special effects and modulation, and probably anything else you can imagine.


  • Video post-production

Precise cutting and splicing, smooth transitions, integrating multiple video sources into split screens or panning between them, removing noise and artifacts, special effects and unique filters, common video adjustments such as brightness/sharpness/contrast/tint, aesthetically pleasing custom titles/captions/notation, and everything audio post-production involves.

  • Audio mixing engineering

Mixing together different audio tracks (typically recordings of isolated voices and musical instruments) to create sonic balance and coherence among them. This includes utilizing tools like digital audio workstations, virtual mixing board, equalization, compression, limiting, reverb, delay, stereo panning and imaging, spectral filtering, expansion and exciting, modulation, pitch or rhythm correction, and much, much more.

  • Audio mastering engineering

Performing the last steps required to prepare audio for broadcast or publishing. Making adjustments to a single audio file that has already gone through the mixing stage. Utilizing equalization, compression, limiting, fades, balancing overall audio level, cleaning up any audio problems not able to be fixed in mixing, creating a master file with all the relevant specifications.

  • Music composition and production

Composing and recording music from the ground up, in my home studio, using physical and digital instruments, utilizing DAW and MIDI technology.




Some of my tools: