© 2019 by Angel Marcloid

active projects:

☯ fire-toolz: mostly electronic, experimental, new age, electro, industrial, noise, metal, sound design, sound collage, jazz fusion, ambient, berlin school, rave, ~second wave emo~ or anything i want. +++ bandcamptumblr (main website)twitteryoutubesoundcloudfacebookdiscogs

☯ nonlocal forecast: new age, jazz fusion, ambient, channeling '83 to '93 in modern contexts. +++ bandcamp.

☯ mindspring memories: dreamy, emotional, ethereal slushwave/vaporwave. 100% sample-based. +++ bandcampdiscogssoundcloudfacebook.

semi-active projects:

☯ toad computers: signalwave, sound collage, vaporwave. +++ bandcampdiscogs

☯ Apk ♀ ᴎᴇᴛ ☯ Ltd℻: stupid plunderphonics. +++ bandcampdiscogs.

☯ angelwings marmalade: analog & digital free improv, musique concrete, electro-acoustic, avant-garde, noise, experimental, whatever. +++bandcampsoundclouddiscogs. (ps) // discogs. (jml) // discogs. (angel) // discogs. (angelwings).

defunct solo projects & collaborations:

sensible nectar, pregnant spore, dim dusk moving gloom, justin marc lloyd, marc spore, 229, pregnant's pore, pregnant lloyd, & variations thereof: these are essentially the same endeavor as the current angelwings marmalade. it's a string of monikers for basically the same abstract, improv, noise/musique concrete weirdness series beginning in 2008. +++ bandcamp.

☯ inappropriate king live: no-limits sound collage/musique concrete made from primarily field recordings, but also other forms of found sound as well as electronics and computer synths. late early 2010s. +++ bandcampsoundclouddiscogs.

☯ path to lobster believers: sound collage all sourced from cassettes and microcassettes. no processing. +++ bandcampdiscogs.

☯ copkiller: bizarre, harsh electronic tunes with some remnant of pop sensibility at times. dark, absurd, experimental, blown out industrial punk-ish electro-rock. elements of psychedelia, techno, hardstyle, hip-hop, and noisegrind. this project was the precursor to fire-toolz. i should never have agreed ti this name after it was suggested by a friend. early 2010s. +++ soundclouddiscogs.

☯ dementia & hope trails: hazy, nostalgic dream sequences with guitar as source. heavily influenced by 90s emo, ambient, drone and new age music. loosely improvised, heavy on looping. surreal and ethereal expressions of pain and melancholy with an occasional glistening of uplifting vibes. late 2000s to early 2010s. +++ bandcampsoundclouddiscogs.

☯ world of white ice: ambient, other-worldly, digital VST synth music with elements of noise, minimal techno, new age, and drone. early 2010s. +++ bandcampdiscogs.


☯ power windoze: electronic beat-focused music reviving 80s/90s/early 2000s vibes. influenced by trance, hip-hop, r&b, electro, new-wave, techno, house, synthwave, new age, and ambient. emphasis on uplifting feels, peace, love, cool breezes and rockin' sunsets. late 2000s to mid 2010s. +++ bandcampsoundcloud.

☯ widow’s bath: angel marcloid & matthew boettke (scant). gritty, psychedelic, harsh improvised electronics/tape music/electro-acoustic. late 2000s to early 2010s. +++ bandcampsoundclouddiscogs.

☯ ok putrid: angel marcloid & kaitlyn prochazka. no-rules improvised electronics, musique concrete, electro-acoustics, tapes & field recordings. focus on playfulness, the absurd, inside jokes, friendship, flowery hello kitty princess rainbow unicorn anime bullshit, sex, the internet, and marijuana. late 2000s to early 2010s. +++ bandcampsoundclouddiscogs.

☯ peer group: angel marcloid & carl kruger. experimental, abstract sound collage with no boundaries. early 2010s. +++ bandcampdiscogs.

☯ noga vespereen tempistor: angel marcloid & david reed. conceptually a collaboration between envenomist and pregnant spore. early 2010s. +++ discogs.

☯ water bullet: angel marcloid & matthew ekey. collaborations occur in person and through the sharing of recorded stems via the internet. sidrassi organ, rewired electronics, feedback, tape music, electro-acoustics. heavy experimentation and odd juxtaposition. late 2000s to early 2010s. +++ bandcampdiscogs.

☯ alex drosen & justin marc lloyd: chilled out, free improv collaboration often working in sparse electronics/electro-acoustics, sampling, wind instruments, string instruments and synthesizers. early 2010s. +++ bandcampdiscogs.

defunct maryland bands:

☯ sea breezes: vocals/guitar. a short-lived 4-piece experimental, dreamy, melodic, spacey emo/screamo. late 2000s.

☯ surf nazis on ecstasy: drums. 3-piece powerviolence/grind/punk/noise. late 2000s to early 2010s. +++ bandcamp. discogs.

☯ age sixteen: guitar/vocals. 5-piece melodic, spazzy screamo/emo. late 2000s to early 2010s. +++ youtubediscogs.


☯ shadow gov't: vocals/guitar. 3-piece spacey, dreamy, experimental emo/screamo/rock themed around government conspiracy, false flag terror, civil disobedience, anarchism, etc. early 2010s.


☯ batcomputer: vocals/guitar. 3-piece spacey, dreamy, experimental emo/screamo/rock. late 2000s. +++ youtube.


☯ sawhorse: guitar. orchestral, experimental, ambient post-rock spanning 5 to 9 members. late 2000s.


☯ de amor: vocals/turntable. 5-piece christian noise/grind. mid 2000s. +++ bandcamp.

westmemphisthree: guitar/vocals. 5-piece emo/metalcore. mid 2000s.

☯ the robot years: vocals/synth/percussion. 5-piece post-hardcore/screamo. early 00s.+++ youtube.

☯ a perfect kiss: vocals/loops/guitar. 4-piece spacey emo/rock. did many DIY tours, released a few records. early to mid 2000s.+++ youtube.

☯ hybred: drums/vocals/synth/drum machine. 4-piece alt rock/nu metal/power pop/prog. late 90s to early 00s.

☯ infinite me: drums/vocals/synth. 3-piece alt rock/prog. late 90s to early 00s.

☯ eye forgot: drums. 2-piece (then 3-piece for a little while before it ended) prog rock/metal/hard rock. mid 90s to late 90s.