© 2019 by Angel Marcloid

Angel Marcloid is the "stage name" of Angel Lloyd. She was born in the mid 80s at a hospital in Prince Frederick, MD, 9 months after her Mom and Dad banged in a hotel room somewhere. She currently resides in Chicago, IL. She changed her name from her former/birth name, Justin Marc Lloyd, in 2016.

Angel's dominant creative endeavor is composing/producing music (and creating videos for) her solo project called Fire-Toolz, in which she explores the sounds of industrial, jazz fusion, prog, noise and experimental sound design, new age, techno and other forms of beat-oriented electronic music, ambient and drone, various sub-genres of metal, and more.


She also also produces music as


She makes a living by working at a button factory 2-5 days a week, and fills the rest of her professional hours mixing, mastering, producting music, and editing video projects. She does not get out much, and it's fantastic.


From around 2008 to the mid 2010's she ran multiple experimental music labels (Swamp Circle, Rainbow Bridge), and remained active in an even larger number of simultaneous musical solo projects (Power Windoze, Inappropriate King LiveThe Human Excuse, Pregnant Spore, Path To Lobster Believers, Dementia & Hope Trails, World Of White Ice, False Flag).


Beginning in her pre-teens and into her late 20s, she played drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and made sounds from her face hole in a number of touring emo, post-rock, prog, and punk-oriented bands (Age Sixteen, A Perfect Kiss, Batcomputer, New YearsSawhorse [MD], Shadow Gov'tetc). 

Angel spends most of her free time producing music, bonding with her cats, self-educating in the fields of science and spirituality, binge-watching The Office or live rescue kitten video streams, shoddily soaking up jazz music theory, meditating, Photoshopping together gaudy digital collages, glitching stock animations, waiting for new YouTube videos from channels like John Butler/Spiritual Unfoldment or Vedanta Society of Berkeley, scouring the archives of ConsciousTV and Buddha At The Gas Pump, craving wide open natural spaces, dreaming of ordering takeout, actually ordering takeout, consuming overpriced lattes, or breaking the law (depending on which state she's in). 

On paper/on Earth, you could say that Angel is transgender, specifically transfeminine. Angel does not (necessarily) identify as a transwoman however. She finds herself floating between androgynous and feminine on any given day, without any particular gendered words as identifying marks. This is why she prefers transfeminine as a label, if any label at all. The way she sees it, the term is more of a personality descriptor than it is a gender identity, and "identity" is not something that Angel is that interested in claiming. The word transfeminine seems to do more to express that she is more feminine than she was signed up to be at birth, and generally expected to be throughout life. 

She is, on the level of form, a person, an animal, a sentient thing. But on a deeper and more real level, she is... happening, just as every other person and thing in this universe happening. Her lack of claiming a gender identity, and the world's resistance to accommodating this freedom to do so, are aspects of her worldly experience, but they do not define essence, which is prior to the world. Fundamentally, she has no identity. If words must be used, they may as well be poetic, as medical terms only refer to the body, and psychological terms only refer to the mind. We are all a single Ocean, and sometimes we manifest as waves.

She/her pronouns are preferred, and they/them is also acceptable. Please do not intentionally use he/him pronouns when referring to Angel. However, doing so is only